Sinful Weekend
Address: Millenium Limousine Services 2040 Chilton Dr, Glendale, CA 91201-1170
Type: Lounges Los Angeles - Nightclubs - Private Rental Venue
Website: Club Sevilla Website
Capacity: 650
Phone: (818) 845-4323
Sevilla with exclusive limousine service by Millenium Limousine
Sevilla Nightclub
Sevilla nightclub was founded on May 2006, this location is the number one venue in Long Beach and top in it's class.

Sevilla Nightclub has state of the art sound and video system, VIP bottle service amenities, private rooms, plush lounge areas, go go dancers, nitros co2 system, outdoor smoking lounge, delivering a unique atmosphere and the best in DJ and Live Entertainment.

The rooms are available for private functions and special occasions, contact our General Manager for event details and bookings. Early arrival is always recommended as the events usually sell out and the long lines build up towards the pick of the night.
Club Rules
  1. Club Sevilla welcomes happy people only! Attitudes are not welcomed.
  2. No identification, No admission.
  3. Underage drinking is against the law. Persons caught will be turned over to the authorities and prosecuted to the fullest extend of the law.
  4. Drink Responsibly. Ask about our Designated Driver Program.
  5. Patrons who are under 21 must sign that they have read, understood and agree with our Zero Tolerance Drinking Policy, as prescribed in their admission ticket.
  6. Please be respectful of others and their personal property.
  7. Club Sevilla Reserves the Right to Refuse Admission to Anyone!
  8. Patrons without wristband or an "S" on their hands will be immediately ejected from the club.
  9. Patrons who provide alcohol to minors are committing a serious CRIME and will be turned over to the authorities and prosecuted.
  10. No weapons, toys, or miscellaneous items allowed.
  11. If you are underage and are caught drinking you will be held until the authorities arrive, at which time Club Sevilla will press charges and may prosecute YOU for wrongfully endangering our California Liquor License.
  12. VIP passes are subject to cancellation during special club events.
Dress Code
  1. No athletic apparel of any kind or sports team allowed (ie. Jerseys, sports jackets, sweatshirts, jumpsuits, caps, etc.)
  2. No bandanas, hairnets, novelty hats, or caps are allowed
  3. Underage drinking is against the law. Persons caught will be turned over to the authorities and prosecuted to the fullest extend of the law.
  4. Absolutely no plaid shirts of any kind or style.
  5. No plain white shirts or t-shirts.
Noches De Banda Mondays
Noches De Banda Mondays
Sevilla Nightclub Thursday presents:MECCA
Sevilla Nightclub Thursdays Presents: MECCA Thursdays The Newest and Hottest 18 & Over weekly events @ Long Beach's Hottest Venue
Spot Fridays
Spot Fridays
Hottest Friday Night
Hottest Friday Night Rocking The Main Stage Tak TIk Opening Set By DJ Edmundo
Saturdays belongs to Sevilla Nightclub
Every Saturday Sevilla Nightclub presents: The hottest Saturday Night period!! 3 of the top DJs in the Industry MIX ARTIST very own Dj Taktix / Jim-Vee and SpecialEFX along with GOGOs Vanessa c...
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